The London School of Guitar Workshop Is On

Wow!  You should see this place!

Last night we registered and got settled… and then the party began.  After things settled down a bit, they had an “Open Mic” session for anyone who wanted to perform.

Several folks went before me.  The music was more of the “Blues” type and they were all hooked up to electronics.

Then, it was my turn to do “my thing.”  I play a simple, straight forward style… and don’t have a lot of heavy duty electronics to back me up.  So, my music style is much different than a lot of the students and teachers here.  (You might say… “I bring music back from the 60s and 70s.”)

When I started to perform, it got right quiet and folks even hung over the balcony to listen to me play.  It was soooo fun.

After I finished playing “Rebecca,” they all clapped and hooted and ask for more.  So I played a few more tunes.

Their approval made me feel great and I feel pretty comfortable being here.  I think my music style can compete with anything the other participants will have to offer.

Tomorrow is a big day… the beginning of classes.  I’m interested in learning how to write my own music.

By the way….

Let me remind you that everyone is welcome to come up to Park City to Promontory, which is one of the most beautiful places to have an outdoor concert.

Pack a lunch, bring your blankets and chairs and join us at 4:00 on Friday, August 10th.  The tickets are only $5.00 a person.  From what I heard tonight… it’s going to be a great concert.

Jackson Danger

P.S.  Whether you are coming from Salt Lake or Heber, you will get off on exit 150.  Follow the road south about 7 minutes until you get to Promontory.  There will be someone there to direct you to the London School of Guitar Workshop concert.

Below is a map so you won’t get lost.

P.P.S.  You should see the cute girls here.  Of course… I hadn’t noticed until my Dad pointed them out to me.  (I may be the quiet type, but I’m not blind.)


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