Jackson Danger Sings And Floats Down The San Juan River

Boy, did I get excited when Dad said we were going on a river trip.  He got together with a couple of his friends and planned a Dad/Kids trip down the San Juan river which is south of Moab, Utah.

It’s not the cleanest looking water… more like chocolate milk.  They say it flows into Lake Powell and dumps a lot of sand and sediment into the lake.  They chose this particular river because it’s one of the safest rivers to take young kids on.

Sure enough… it was safe.  In July, the river is only about 3 feet deep.  The water is warm… in fact they said it’s about 80 degrees this time of year.  There were a few small rapids, which made the slow flow of the water a little more fun.

We were on the river for 3 days and traveled about 35 miles.  Most of the time we were on paddle boards.  It was so calm that we could actually stand while we were floating.

I took my guitar along but didn’t realize I could play it while I was floating the river.  It was so calm… there was no problem.  I just sat back and enjoyed playing and singing.



My dad took video.  I sang a song called “River John” by Ray Bonneville.  (Seemed pretty fitting since I was floating on a paddle board down a river.)   Now that we are home, we’re going to mix the song with a studio recording.  I can’t wait.

I do have to tell you…we had some scary moments.   My sister Lexi’s eye became swollen because of too much sun.  She was alright after she sat in the car for awhile with the air-conditioning on.  And… my dad suffered with sun stroke.  He put ice on his chest to cool down.  He was a little wacky for awhile but every thing turned out okay.

There were about 10 kids.  I think I was the oldest one. We had so much fun.  Crash had a ball getting as dirty as he wanted.  In fact… most of us thought it was more fun than going to Disneyland.

I’m getting ready for the guitar workshop at the London School of Guitar, which is being held in Park City.  I’m a bit nervous but excited.  It starts on the 6th of August.  I’ll have lots to report when it’s over.

Jackson Danger

P.S.  Dad says we’re going to take that trip again sometime and I’m going to hold him to it.   Hope you enjoy the photos.  The place was beautiful.

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