Jackson Danger Performs at Milagros In Orem, Utah

Nearly every Friday night, I perform at Milagros in Orem, Utah.  I’m kind of a single “Jackson Danger Band” while I’m there.  I walk among the tables and sing songs from the 60s and 70s… which are my favorite.

I love those old songs from legends like Neil Young, John Prine, Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead… just to name a few.  I like what they did with a simple acoustic guitar.  My parents think I’m an “Old Soul in a Young Body.”  I don’t know about that.

At Milagros, I walk among the tables and sing to folks while they are enjoying the best Mexican Food in Utah.  Of course, I can say that because my dad, Dave owns the place and I know what goes into giving his customers the best Mexican Mexican food around.

Sometimes people ask me to sing their favorite songs.  I try and do that…  if I know the songs.  Lots of folks like the old songs too so it makes it easier to sing for them.

Some of the customers give me tips for singing.  I have saved my tip money and about 6 months ago,  I bought a new “but old” Vintage Gibson j-45.  It’s fun to play.

Customers will ask me where I got my name, Jackson Danger.  I have to tell them it was my dad’s idea.  He said that people with “interesting names have interesting lives.”  We’ll see!

People will often ask me if I’m afraid to perform for a large crowd.  For some reason, I doesn’t frighten me.  I’m rather a quiet sort of guy, and I express myself through singing rather than talking.  Maybe that’s why I don’t get rattled.

If you ever come into Milagros on a Friday night, make sure to introduce yourself.  I would love to sing you my favorite songs… or one of yours.

Jackson Danger

P.S.  I have several videos on YouTube.  You can view them from here at the Jackson Danger website or go to YouTube and search for Jackson Danger.

Here I am at Milagros… you can see all of the people in the back ground eating Mexican Food.  I like being “On The Road” and singing to customers.

Here is a great song by Greg Brown called, Blue Car.  I put this on YouTube but you can see it here.  My coach, LowellBlue is playing with me.  Enjoy.

Jackson Danger & Lowell Blue playing Blue Car by Greg Brown

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