Jackson Danger Acoustic Cover “Clay Pigeons” John Prine

John Prine is one of my favorite musical artists.   He is considered an American country folk singer, songwriter and musical icon.

He was born in 1946 just after World War II.  When he was 14 years old, he was taught to play the guitar by his brother, David.  When he came home from the army in the late 60s, he began his career.

His first album was made in 1971 which featured his own songwriting.  Some of the songs he has written are:  “Illegal Smile,”” Sam Stone,” “Far Fr0m Me,” and “Hello In There.”

One time when he was performing in a New Your club, Bob Dylan anonymously backed him on a harmonica.  Wow… how would that be.  Bob Dylan said, “Prine’s stuff is pure.”

John Prine got cancer on the side of his neck in 1998.  The treatment he received changed his vocal cords and it added a “gravel” tone to his voice.

In 200k, John Prine recorded an album named, “Fair & Square.”  This album went on to win the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album.

I love one of the songs he sang on this album.  It’s called Clay Pigeons and was written by Blaze Foley (Foley died in 1989).  He was a good song writer.

I learned the song Clay Pigeons and did my acoustic cover with my guitar coach, LowellBlue.  You can listen to this cover by clicking on the video below.

Jackson Danger

P.S.  John Prine still performs his music today.  As recent as September, 2011, he played in San Francisco at a Bluegrass Festival.  He played 13 songs on the main Banjo Stage.

Here you go… Jackson Danger and LowellBlue acoustic cover of “Clay Pigeons” that was made famous by John Prine.

Jackson Danger sings Clay Pigeons

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