Jackson Danger Invited to London School Of Guitar Workshop

I’m so excited… I’ve been accepted to attend the London School of Guitar Workshop in Park city in August.   Just take a look at the view from the back side of School’s cool building.

It’s a great opportunity for me to rub shoulders with other hopeful guitarists.  We will be taught by guest artists who are professionals in their field.

This year, one of the teachers will be singer/songwriter, “G. Love” (Garret Dutton) of Philadelphia.  He adds a combination of blues and folk to his music.  He is a Bob Dylan fan just like I am.

Here is one of his videos.

Guest artist, Kalai from Hawaii, will be teaching also.  His music is a blend of ballad, jazz, and blues.

His work has appear in several movies such as “The Work And The Glory: American Zion and the Legend of Johnny Lingo.

Below is a video of Kalai performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

By Kalai

Of course there will be other instructors as well… such as Johnny London, who is the founder of the London School of Guitar.

Wow… we will be staying in the sweetest place with a great view of the mountains surrounding Park City.

In the evening, we get to participate in open mic sessions.  We will have the chance to play with the core instructors and guest teachers if we want to.  I will have to muster up my courage!

On the last day of the workshop, we will be preforming in a final live live concert at the Depot concert venue in Salt Lake.

What an opportunity this will be.  I can hardly wait.

Jackson Danger

P.S. Oh…. the final concert on Friday, August 12th at 7:00 p.m. at the Depot in Salt Lake is open to the public.  You can get tickets by calling 801-906.8248.

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