Guitar Musician Jackson Danger at the Slick Rock Cafe

As a guitar musician and singer, it’s always an honor to be invited to sing at new and exciting locations.  However, before I tell you about my latest opportunity, let me give you a little background.

This week was Spring Break and the family went to Moab in southeastern Utah to do a little bike riding and just get away from Utah County.

The Moab area was the home of the Fremont Indian culture (400 AD), who roamed the cliffs of the San Raphael mountains.  They painted and carved images on the cave walls and rock formations.  The images are called “pictographs” and can still be seen today.

There is a cool restaurant on the corner of Center Street and Main in the heart of downtown Moab called “The Slickrock Cafe.”  They adopted a pictograph critter as their  icon for the cafe.  It’s a combination of a lizard and dog and it’s covered with spots.

They called it the “Slickrock Critter.”  If you ever visit there, look for this critter.

The Slickrock Cafe, a the landmark establishment, not only serves good food, but offers live music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Open mic is featured on Thursdays… which means anyone can get on the stage and sing and entertain the crowd.

Anyway… Doc, from the Lost Buffalo, invited me to to play two sets of music and entertained the Slickrock customers.  Everybody must have liked it because the sidewalk was packed, and even the cooks came out of the kitchen to see who was preforming.

My first music set included: “These Days” by Jackson Browne, “Rebecca” by Towes Van Zant, “And Bruised Orange” by John Prine (one of my favorite artists.)

Everybody like it so well, I sang a second set:  “Never Surf Again” by Dan Reeder and “Althea” by Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia.

It was a fun… and another “On The Road” musical opportunity for me.  It was different than performing at Milagros in Orem where I sing all evening long.

Jackson Danger

P.S.  Take a look at the fancy guitar I got to play.  It’s a guitar musicians dream to have lots of guitars to choose from.  I’m just starting my guitar collection.

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