Jackson Danger: Gibson Vintage J-45 Guitar My Acoustic Guitar

Jackson Danger Presenting:  Gibson Vintage J-45…. Taaa Taaa!

Gibson began making acoustic guitars in 1934.  In 1942, Gibson introduced the J-45 guitar. It was part of the round-shoulder, dreadnought line.  It was a durable no-frills guitar and the manufacturer called it their “workhorse guitar.”   In 1942, the list price was $45.00…and was made during the war while others were discontinued.  The wood had a sunburst look, which hid small defects in the wood.  Wood was very hard to find during the war.  The Gibson J-45 became a huge success.

The J-45 Gibson Guitar is one of the most loved acoustic guitars in history and is still produced today.  Because of it’s distinguished rank, Gibson released the 1942 “J-45 Legend” in honor of its great legacy.

The J-45 is know for its warm deep sound and good projection.  It is also easy to play.

With that introduction, I would like to tell you about my Gibson Vintage J-45.

My beginning guitar was a Baby Taylor Mahogany Dreadnought.  It’s a great acoustic guitar for a beginner just learning to play because it’s small and has great sound.  I love my Baby Taylor but knew it was time to start looking for a bigger guitar.

My dad and I enjoy going to guitar stores and trying out all of the guitars.  I have played guitars that are worth over seven thousand dollars down to just a few hundred and I’ve played every brand out there.  It’s fun to hear the difference in sound and how each one feels in my hands.

I was considering having a dreadnought guitar (which refers to shape) made especially for me.  It would be fun to have one made just for me but they cost quite a bit of money.

My coach, LowellBlue, who plays a Gibson Vintage J-45 Sunburst and has 6 or 7 in his studio, suggested that I consider a Vintage J-45.  It is a guitar that is known for its great depth of sound.  The old ones get better with age…. the older woods provide a wonderful rich deep tone.

There were a lot of J-45 Gibson guitars made at the time… and the old ones are fairly inexpensive compared to some of the other aged guitars.  But, I figured if it was good enough for Bob Dylan to play in the 60s, it would be good enough for me.  And, who am I to argue with LowellBlue, who is one of the best guitarists around.

I perform at Milagros Mexican Food Restaurant in Orem, Utah nearly every Friday and Saturday night.  I saved my tip money for a long time and just waited for the best deal to come around.

I now own a Gibson Vintage J-45 and I love it.  This guitar is just a stepping stone for one that will be made just for me.  But… like LowellBlue, I will display my Gibson Vintage J-45 and my Baby Taylor Mahogany proudly in my studio…. some day.

Jackson Danger

P.S.  I love to play my new guitar.  Hey, come eat dinner at Milagros and hear me play.   In the mean time, you can click on the video below and hear me play and sing a snappy tune called Long Money by John Prine. I haven’t made a video yet playing my Gibson… but I’m working on it.  Enjoy!

Jackson Danger singing Long Monday by John Prine

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