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Acoustic Cover “Storm Windows” by John Prine

Storm Windows

Here is my acoustic cover of Storm Windows by John Prine.  I learn music by ear and John Prine has always been an artist I connect with.  I have seen him perform several times.  Actually, it takes me more time to pick up on the lyrics that it does the guitar part.

I had a great winter snow skiing several times a week, at the expense of my grades and guitar practicing.  It helps that my dad is a ski bum at heart.  He fills out the clip board at the principles office to excuse me early from school.  The reasons on the check out sheet reads:  “sick,” “SICK,” “dentist appointment,” “Sick,” “Orthodontist.”

Then there is mine.  It reads: “MOUNTAIN SNOW PAC/GRAVITY RESEARCH FIELD TRIP.”  Thanks Dad!

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Acoustic Cover “Queen of California” by John Mayer

I did this “Queen of California” acoustic cover on my old antique acoustic Bruno Parlor Guitar. I am really interested in old guitars. I have been collecting guitars for a project I am working on… more on that in the future. Read On!

Jackson Danger & Bailee Acoustic Cover of “The Cry Of A Tiny Babe”

I like to share the music I love with people.  I’ve never been afraid of singing in front of any kind of audience… young or old.

Quite often, my mom Sarah, drops me off at the Senior Citizen Center with my guitar and she picks me up a couple of hours later.  I really enjoy preforming for these kind old ladies. (Sometimes they show up an hour before I get there so they can get a good seat.)  They never tip, but I love to see them smile.

Last Christmas , my friend Bailee and I sang a Christmas song at my church.  The Bishop was a little reluctant to let us play because I would be playing a guitar.  I think that in the Bishop’s mind it would be loud…. like electric guitars.  He wasn’t sure it would be appropriate for Church.

My dad assured him it would not be loud and that the song was a beautiful Christmas song about the baby Jesus.

We sang a song by Bruce Cockburn Read On!