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Jackson Danger Acoustic Cover: “Althea” The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead was a band that was formed in 1965.  They played rock, folk, blues, country and bluegrass music.  The band came along when the Beatles, The Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones were popular.  Singers like John Prine, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan were on the move.

They traveled all over the country performing and had a large group of fans that would follow them from concert to concert.  Those fans became known as the “Deadheads.”

The concerts were never alike because Read On!

Jackson Danger Acoustic Cover “Clay Pigeons” John Prine

John Prine is one of my favorite musical artists.   He is considered an American country folk singer, songwriter and musical icon.

He was born in 1946 just after World War II.  When he was 14 years old, he was taught to play the guitar by his brother, David.  When he came home from the army in the late 60s, he began his career.

His first album was made in 1971 which featured his own songwriting.  Some of the songs he has written are:  “Illegal Smile,”” Sam Stone,” “Far Fr0m Me,” and “Hello In There.”

One time when he was performing in a New Your club Read On!

Jackson Danger Acoustic Cover “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young

The album called, Harvest Moon was recorded by Neil Young in 1992.  One of my favorite songs is Harvest Moon… which Neil Young wrote and performed.  Several artists have recorded the song since it was introduced.

Neil Young was born in 1945 and began to perform in 1960.  He sang with Crosby, Stills and Nash  before he released his first album in 1958.  He has made 34 albums and is still performing.

A few of the musicians that influenced Neil Young are Elvis Presley, The Fleetwoods, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.  He really liked Bob Dylan too.

He first started to play music on a plastic ukulele, then a baritone ukulele.  Finally he picked up a guitar. Read On!