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Jackson Danger: Gibson Vintage J-45 Guitar My Acoustic Guitar

Jackson Danger Presenting:  Gibson Vintage J-45…. Taaa Taaa!

Gibson began making acoustic guitars in 1934.  In 1942, Gibson introduced the J-45 guitar. It was part of the round-shoulder, dreadnought line.  It was a durable no-frills guitar and the manufacturer called it their “workhorse guitar.”   In 1942, the list price was $45.00…and was made during the war while others were discontinued.  The wood had a sunburst look, which hid small defects in the wood.  Wood was very hard to find during the war.  The Gibson J-45 became a huge success.

The J-45 Gibson Guitar is one of the most loved acoustic guitars in history and is still produced today.  Because of it’s distinguished rank, Gibson released the 1942 “J-45 Legend” in honor of its great legacy.

The J-45 is know for its warm deep sound and good projection.  It is also easy to play.

With that introduction, I would like to tell you about my Gibson Vintage J-45.

My beginning guitar Read On!

Baby Taylor Mahogany Top Dreadnought: My First Guitar

I’ve been playing a Baby Taylor Mahogany Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar.  Boy, that was a mouthful!  It is my first guitar.

This guitar is a Dreadnought, which refers to the shape.  This familiar shape is one that people generally think of when they visualize a guitar.  This shape became well know because it was used by the musicians and folks singers of the 60’s and 70’s.  It is also used by Bluegrass musicians. Read On!